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Rich-Heape Films, Inc. Rights Statement

When purchasing films at the College/Institution or K12/Public Library/Community Group price, Public Performance Rights (PPR) are included. The higher institutional prices correspond to the rights for public exhibition. These rights allow the purchasing entity to screen the film an unlimited number of times on their premises for non-paying audiences for a primary term of five years. Screenings where admission is charged are usually billed at a percentage of projected box office income.

We carry a selection of DVD titles that are available for personal use only. These DVDs may be used in the home or non-public place for personal viewing or viewing with family and friends. These films and videos may not be screened, loaned or broadcast for any group for either educational or commercial purposes.

Broadcast and cablecast licensing is available for some titles. Please call for more information.

All films and videos are protected by United States copyright law. Unless otherwise indicated, duplication, reproduction, alteration, subleasing, television and internet broadcast, or commercial use (i.e., charging admission) are strictly prohibited without prior written consent from Rich-Heape Films.

Rich-Heape Films customers will be asked to agree with this rights statement when purchasing all videos. Please review it; and if you have questions, email [email protected] 

Educational Audiovisual/Public Performance Rights:

  1. In-Room Use - For video programs purchased from the Rich-Heape Films, Customer may exhibit the Programs to an unlimited number of viewers where all viewers, monitor(s), and playback units are in the same room ("in-room use"). Programs may not be duplicated, broadcast, transmitted by cable, transmitted on any open circuit system, or otherwise transmitted in digital or analog form, without express written permission of Rich-Heape Films.
  2. Limited Instructional Television Fixed Service ("Limited ITFS") and Closed-Circuit Television ("CCTV") - Unless otherwise specified, the educational program price includes the right to transmit or exhibit the Programs over ITFS and CCTV limited to transmission within a building, single campus, or cluster of adjacent  buildings, where those rights are available.
  3. Digital rights to place a video on a school's password protected server that can only be accessed by enrolled students, faculty or staff can be purchased per title.
  4. Digital/Wide Access Network - Programs MAY NOT be distributed through any wide access network (i.e., open cable, broadcast, LAN, Web, etc.), digitized, and/or placed on a digital server without the prior express written permission of Rich-Heape Films
  5. Basic Cable ("CATV") and Instructional Television Fixed Service ("ITFS") - For some of the Programs where necessary rights are available and for an additional fee, Rich-Heape Films may authorize Customer to transmit the Program on Basic Cable channels, Closed-Loop Cable channels, and/or ITFS for transmission beyond a single building, campus, or cluster of buildings. Such authorization is covered by special arrangements. Customer must contact Rich-Heape Films prior to submitting an order for any Programs requesting CATV or ITFS transmission rights. "Basic Cable channels" means cable channels provided to cable subscribers for which no additional charge is made to the subscriber other than the basic subscriber fee.